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A Clean Home Sells!

If you are selling your home, first impressions are everything. A clean home makes an impression and sends the message to a potential buyer that the home has been taken care of. One recent client shared this story with us. This client found a home for sale in a community she always wanted to live in. Her family went to see the home. The home needed some work and she knew that is something she could take on. BUT, as they walked ... Read more

Our Cleaning Products – The Best in the Business

At Silverline Maids, we are a company constantly reinventing ourselves. A big part is an understanding of the liquids we use to clean our homes. New products are constantly coming on the market. We try out new products and figure out which ones work best in the homes we clean. Green liquids are everywhere but sometimes, green liquids don’t work the best. We have used products by several different companies and finally, we have settled on one company. The products we now ... Read more

Microfiber – One of the Most Innovative Technologies at Silverline Maids!

When you think of technology, you think of the big name companies like Apple, Google, Facebook. Technology is not a word typically associated with the cleaning industry. The “greatest leap” in cleaning technology is a cloth. Yes, a cloth. It’s called microfiber. You’ve probably seen it in stores and online. You might even be using it in your home. This cloth is very different from its competition. When you feel microfiber, you might think it’s made from cotton. The reality is microfiber ... Read more

Our Philosophy on Giving Back

Silverline Maids is a locally owned and operated house cleaning and maid service. We have strong roots in this community. We started here, and we have AMAZING customers we serve every day in Loudoun and Fairfax Counties. We feel giving back to this community is critical because the support of this community is what keeps our cleaning service in business. We believe there is nothing more important than feeding those less fortunate, and we have donated to the local food bank to fight hunger. Our goal is to support ... Read more

The Silverline Name – What is Means to Us

With the Silver Line Metro slowly making its way to Loudoun County, we decided the new train service and our home cleaning service had the same goals. Both provide high-quality service and convenience to residents of Loudoun and Fairfax Counties. The metro will save commuters’ time, and our crews at Silverline Maids will do the same – cleaning your house and letting you spend more time doing the things you love. Silverline Maids (formerly known as Spring Maids) has been serving ... Read more