A Clean Home Sells!

A Clean Home Sells!

If you are selling your home, first impressions are everything. A clean home makes an impression and sends the message to a potential buyer that the home has been taken care of.One recent client shared this story with us. This client found a home for sale in a community she always wanted to live in. Her family went to see the home. The home needed some work and she knew that is something she could take on. BUT, as they walked through the home – she saw dead bugs EVERYWHERE! When they left, all the family could think about was… BUGS, BUGS, BUGS! A simple deep clean would make this house more attractive and potentially lead to a sale.Silverline Maids works with realtors in the area to get homes ready for market year round. If you decide to clean your home by yourself, here are a few tips from top realtors.

(1) Declutter : Minimize the items in a home. It’s not just about exterior surfaces, interior surfaces matter (homebuyers can be nosy!).  Hopefully, you followed our previous post on decluttering!

(2) Clean the areas the eye first hits in a room. We tell our crews to clean the house and before they leave, they need to make sure the first things in each room they see, they need to make sure they look perfect. First impressions last.

(3) Kitchens and Bathrooms are important to buyers. Pay close attention to these rooms. These are also the most difficult places to clean.We can help get your home ready for sale – give us a call!


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