Microfiber – One of the Most Innovative Technologies at Silverline Maids!

Microfiber – One of the Most Innovative Technologies at Silverline Maids!

When you think of technology, you think of the big name companies like Apple, Google, Facebook. Technology is not a word typically associated with the cleaning industry. The “greatest leap” in cleaning technology is a cloth. Yes, a cloth. It’s called microfiber. You’ve probably seen it in stores and online. You might even be using it in your home. This cloth is very different from its competition.

When you feel microfiber, you might think it’s made from cotton. The reality is microfiber cloths are made from plastic. Tens of thousands of pieces of plastic are woven together to make this cloth. Understanding how microfiber works will help you understand why this cloth is revolutionizing the cleaning industry.

Some studies show microfiber picks up dirt, bacteria and viruses better than a normal cloth. You can do this while using minimal liquid. Some say, you can actually clean with the microfiber and just a little bit of water. As we move towards more green products, microfiberbecomes an important part of how we clean homes. At Silverline Maids, we have spent hours researching how to clean homes better. We are now using microfiber throughout the homes we clean. You may not notice the difference, but there is a big difference. We have a new color coded system – 4 different cloths used in specific areas throughout the house.

Red:       Bathrooms

Green:   Kitchen

Blue:      Floors

Yellow:  Dusting

Who is Silverline Maids? We are the “go-to” house cleaning and maid service in Northern Virginia serving the Silverline Corridor as well as other surrounding areas in Fairfax and Loudoun County. We serve Ashburn, Sterling, Leesburg, Herndon, Reston, Great Falls, Mclean, Chantilly, Vienna and Fairfax and other cities in the area.


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